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5:  Learn to negotiate – Most women need serious practise at asking for more money.  Remember, as long as you ask reasonably, your boss can only say no.  Don’t moan – argue for a rise on the basis of your performance.  Don’t threaten to resign if you don’t mean it.

6:  Be one step ahead – What objections will your boss have if you ask for more money?  Anticipate what will be said so that you have a good answer.

7:  Have a face-to-face – Ask to speak to your boss in person so you can both understand the situation and agree what can be done to change it.

8: Get some support – If a chat with your boss doesn’t work, talk to your female colleagues and gather support.  If you feel underpaid or undervalued, chances are others do too.  Lodge a complaint together.

9: Use the law – A trade union can help you fight for equal pay.  They’ll negotiate on your behalf and take legal action if necessary.

10: Be positive – Never apologise for asking for more money, believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself others will to.

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An inspiring day at Basingstoke College of Techonlogy where I was asked to open the event with a short pep talk.   The event was filled with many women from all ages and from a variety of different faith backgrounds and cultural heritage.  I enjoyed a Jamaican lunch and learnt about Islamic traditional  dress.   I have enjoyed coaching some of the wonderful women on interviewing techniques and confidence boosting.  Think about networking with other women – who can you inspire and encourage today…?

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Building relationships is by far the most important and satisfying skill to have.  Without others buying into our ideas, we are lost.   How many people do we know who have talent, great ideas, are formally educated but are unable to connect with others?   Therefore their ability to influence in this world is greatly reduced.  It is a mystery to me why building relationships is not taught formally at school.   We are fortunate if we live in a family who communicates openly – with their hearts and minds.  If not, we have to somehow try and pick it up on the way.

There is also a great deal of harm that is caused when relationships break down, whether between governments, political parties, countries, in business, in families and or with colleagues and friends.   So much time and effort is spent in pouring blame on the other side.  If our time was focused on what is right rather than what is wrong, how much more time would we have to focus on what we want?

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