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Last month the BBC on it’s “can pay will pay” radio programme last month asked many people from a range of backgrounds “How much do you earn…?”  Reactions that the reasearchers received were * astonishing glares *polite refusals * evasive generalities * embarassed sniggers and  *silence.   Many of us do not want to reveal what we earn by we would be interested in what others earn.    From Oct 1st the new Equality Act promotes transparency around pay. 

To learn how to gain more confidence on your:

1. Earnings and how to negotiate,

2. Net worth and how to grow it

3. Finances and make them work better

4. Knowledge about your money get in control and drive your plan

I would love to meet and encourage you with a great group of women on either Tuesday 16th Nov 9.30 am – 12.00 or Wednesday 17th Nov 7pm to 9.30pm


Is pay the last taboo – inspired by Bracknell midweek news

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According to the Media Queen at Marie Claire there are 10 points that we should get straight before we ask for a pay rise here are the first 5 to get you started…..

1: Find out how much you are worth – Get an indea of the market rate for your role by looking at job vacancies for similar positions online or in the papers.

2: Discover what your company pays – Approach your HR department for a breakdown of wage categories.  If you’re concerned, download a form that entitles you to request key information from your employers. Visit www.equalities.gov.uk

3: Make a stand – Have you done enough for a pay rise or highlighted what you have done well.  Your arguement will have more weight if you can be specific.

4: Believe in yourself – Act as if you deserve more money – firm belief in your own worth makes others believe to.

5: Learn to negotiate – Most women need serious practise at asking for more money.  Remember, as long as you ask reasonably, your boss can only say no. Don’t moan – argue for a rise on the basis of your performance.  Don’t threaten to resign if you don’t mean it.

Look out for the next 5 ….

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Can you afford not to get ahead?    With banks putting up their charges and the government cutting child benefit, many are being squeezed financially.

There are 2 choices:  1. Take the hit and feel the pinch  OR    

2. Choose to become more financially savvy

 I would love you to join the other women who have signed up to our supportive and  encouraging seminar, http://buildandsafeguardyourwealth.eventbrite.com/

It will give practical help to become more:

  • Financially savvy
  • In control of what’s happening to your money
  • Confident to react to market changes
  • Aware how to build up your net worth
  • Able to earn more – even in a tough market
  • Skilful at making your money work better for you

 Get smart about your money and in control of the life you want!

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Have you ever been double booked or invited to two exciting things on exactly the same date?   Frustrating hey!  I have been invited to speak on the Ann Diamond show – BBC Berkshire at 12.00 today with Maria Millar MP.  Re: ” How to Get Women in Senior Positions and Influence.”  However I already have an important meeting with a new client today which I am excited about.   Keeping your commitments is important to maintain your credibility and reputation.   I do love doing the inspirational talks and debates but it just as important to me to demonstrate practically what I do best.  Showing others how to succeed in their professional roles . For business, my paying clients are critical for enabling me to share my knowledge with a wider audience.  For which I am grateful.   How about making your  lunch time priority the Ann Diamond show today?  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/playlive/bbc_radio_berkshire/

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Here are some great questions from some young women during  the international women’s week celebrations in Basingstoke.   Fashion Retail and Business Students from BCOT caputured attention by displaying they important questions.   It was fabulous to get a message across in this creative way but my concern is that it was a silent message.  My passion is to encourage and show women how to speak up and get their voices heard by key decision makers who will influence their career.   It is important for women to get out the habit of  “waiting to be asked”.  Enjoy the photos…

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Professional Wonder WomanAs we move into 2010 why not purchase my home study guide “How to Be a Professional Wonder Woman and Keep your Sanity!”  ISBN 978-0-9563178-0-3

My early bird half price offer is only £32 (the retail price is £64.00) and as always comes with a money back guarantee.

Guaranteed to give you a confidence boost for 2010.

Packed with practical, step by step advice, exercises, top tips that work and a commitment plan.
You will learn how to:  

  • influence
  • have confidence in your worth
  • know what you want
  • have a strong will to succeed
  • use habits that work and stop habits that hinder you…
  • inspire others 

If you want any further information please do not hesitate to contact me via lynda@leadatwork.com.  I would be delighted to hear from you.

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Do you know that in 2009 the Equal Opportunities Commission has found women graduates are earning 15% less than men within five years of starting work?  Worse than this, the pay gap facing older women is even bigger, with women graduates in their early 50s taking home 44% less than their male counterparts. 

On average, women graduates get 37% less than men, exactly the same as the gap between male and female earnings when the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1970!

I do not believe that employers set out to cheat women or that there is some devious plot against women.  I believe that it was woven into the fabric of business.  It cannot be seen but it is there.  I believe that it is a collective unconscious thought that women do not need to earn the same as men and that men are more equipped to run global corporations.  It takes a long time to change beliefs that have been with us for centuries.  My motto is “Don’t get mad – get justice!”

It is so sad when I hear women saying, “I am not very good at……….”, or “I do not have the confidence to………..”   They have been programmed to believe this untruth by someone else. We all need encouragement.  We need to help women tap into their strengths, not their weakness.   If we say, “We can’t, we can’t”.  If we say, “We can, we can”.

If we wait for others to do something about it, we will all be dead by the time that equality arrives!  It is therefore up to women to take action to achieve what they deserve.   We have a tendency to dismiss money as being secondary and so many women give their time for free.  I often hear women say “It is more important for me to be happy in my work”.  It is as if there is a choice between doing work we like or being paid well. 

This is a limiting belief and lets women off the hook to strive for both.   We know that money alone will not make us happy.   However, a lack of it causes stress and anxiety.  We therefore need to do something about it so that we are financially secure.

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