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It maybe said that it is a woman’s perogative to change her mind but the challenge is sticking with the change.    Our patterns of thinking are entrenched by our belief systems and our life experiences, shaped from the moment we are born.   So when we learn that a new way of thinking can be helpful to us how do we overcome our minds…?    I was encouraged to learn that even Moses  found a change of  thinking and a breaking of his old habits harder than speaking to Pharaoh, or leading the Israelites through the desert!   It is no easy thing to change the habits of an old man. Moses was eighty when he experienced extraordinary experience of challenges and miracles. But, like most of us, Moses was not willing to change his ways and routines for something he knew and understood very little about.   He doubted his abilities and skills as he described himself as slow of speech.

So the battle is in our minds, capture your thoughts and make sure they are positive and helpful.   This where our change happens.   

Inspired by Ellel 365 – daily inspiration.

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Great respect and congratulations to Gerry Hyde who works with us at Lead at Work.

Amazingly she gave birth to twins , a son and a daughter – without pain relief 3 days ago!  She still was able to call today and encourage us and do what she does do so brilliantly in her calm and unflustered way.   Congratulations to Gerry and Deon and welcome to this wonderful world Tayla and Zane.  Try and get some sleep Gerry.  With love from us all at Lead at Work and In-a Coaching x

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As the first door of the advent calendars open, the countdown to Christmas beings, (my grandaughter Grace found a chocolate santa today).

What could you buy a woman who wants everything… try my home study guide
“How to Be a Professional Wonder Woman and Keep your Sanity!” 
ISBN 978-0-9563178-0-3

Add to your Christmas list, buy for friends and family or give yourself an early present!
My early bird half price offer is only £32 (the retail price is £64.00) and as always comes with a money back guarantee.

Guaranteed to give you a confidence boost for 2010.

Packed with practical, step by step advice, exercises, top tips that work and a commitment plan.
You will learn how to:  

  • influence
  • have confidence in your worth
  • know what you want
  • have a strong will to succeed
  • use habits that work and stop habits that hinder you…
  • inspire others

“This Guide has been really clear and refreshing. It will give anyone the tools to be able to step back from a problem and give them ideas of what to do.  A key challenge for women is having enough time. This workbook is broken down into small steps, and keeps you on track. I found the exercises clear, simple and they work with many “wow!” moments. I loved the simple statement “Remember that you can choose your reaction” and then showed me how to do this. In one section, I found myself laughing out loud. It got me into a creative mood and ideas started to flow in abundance.” Wendy Hart-Wilson, HR Manager BMW

During the busy Christmas season make sure that you enjoy yourself and keep your sanity!

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