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5:  Learn to negotiate – Most women need serious practise at asking for more money.  Remember, as long as you ask reasonably, your boss can only say no.  Don’t moan – argue for a rise on the basis of your performance.  Don’t threaten to resign if you don’t mean it.

6:  Be one step ahead – What objections will your boss have if you ask for more money?  Anticipate what will be said so that you have a good answer.

7:  Have a face-to-face – Ask to speak to your boss in person so you can both understand the situation and agree what can be done to change it.

8: Get some support – If a chat with your boss doesn’t work, talk to your female colleagues and gather support.  If you feel underpaid or undervalued, chances are others do too.  Lodge a complaint together.

9: Use the law – A trade union can help you fight for equal pay.  They’ll negotiate on your behalf and take legal action if necessary.

10: Be positive – Never apologise for asking for more money, believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself others will to.

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Have you ever been double booked or invited to two exciting things on exactly the same date?   Frustrating hey!  I have been invited to speak on the Ann Diamond show – BBC Berkshire at 12.00 today with Maria Millar MP.  Re: ” How to Get Women in Senior Positions and Influence.”  However I already have an important meeting with a new client today which I am excited about.   Keeping your commitments is important to maintain your credibility and reputation.   I do love doing the inspirational talks and debates but it just as important to me to demonstrate practically what I do best.  Showing others how to succeed in their professional roles . For business, my paying clients are critical for enabling me to share my knowledge with a wider audience.  For which I am grateful.   How about making your  lunch time priority the Ann Diamond show today?  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/playlive/bbc_radio_berkshire/

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In my experience, most women could make more money and have greater fulfilment in their work.

I understand that spare time is really precious and rare, so I am sharing some FREE daily straightforward and practical ways that can be integrated into your working day.  

They will help you to: 

  • think differently
  • focus on what works for you  
  • be clear about what is essential and important and dump the things that are urgent but unimportant.

I want to be confident to know that “whatever comes your way, you can handle it”.

There are 7 steps in total.  Some steps will give you immediate results whilst others will build gradually for the ‘light bulb moment to shine.

If, in the meantime, you would like your own copy of the Home Study Guide, “How to Be a Professional Wonder Woman and Keep your Sanity” (ISBN 978-0-9563178-0-3), please follow this link http://www.leadatwork.com/homestudyguide.html

Your guide will help you to:

  • Elevate your career
  • Gain control of your life
  • Become a better leader
  • Be confident in knowing your worth
  • Handle stressful situations
  • Free up precious time to have a better work life work balance

It is an easy to follow step by step approach with guaranteed practical and immediate results.

“Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did but she did it backwards and in high heels”  

Faith Whittlesey 1939 – Lawyer and Diplomat

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Step 1 – Clear your mind

Before having a conversation, think about the other person.  Ask yourself, “How can I connect fully with what this person is about to say.”   Keep your mind open, free from preconceived ideas or assumptions of what they might say.

Step 2 – Listen

Listen to the words they are using, their tone of voice and body language.  Concentrate on the messages they are conveying.   Skilful listening is critical in understanding what messages are being communicated.

Step 3 – Demonstrate that you understand

It is important to communicate that you understand what they have said and the messages they are portraying through their body language and tone of voice by repeating back some of their exact words.  Say something like, “That’s a really good point you made about….”

Step 4 – Find similarities

Bring into the conversation areas where you both see “eye to eye”, common themes, subjects or observations.

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I hear so many stories of people who are caused stress because another person has failed to sensitively communicate with them.  Misunderstandings create mistrust, anxiety and often false assumptions about the other person’s motives. “They just wanted to belittle me”, when the real reason was they were overly concerned about getting their own point across or they wanted to hide their insecurities so they came over as cold and heartless.

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Key 1

Truly appreciating the person or persons, eg commenting on the person’s qualities or making a comment to let the person know you have listened to their point of view or found something that is similar.

Key 2

Listening with an open mind and heart – to understand what they are saying and what they are feeling, eg withholding judgement.

Key 3

Be prepared to explain and discuss your views and beliefs.  Be willing to challenge your own beliefs.  Are they based on sound principals or are they beliefs with very little substance?

Key 4

Demonstrate that you understand their views.  Find common ground.   What are you willing to sacrifice – to give up?

Be prepared to speak, be open, honest and show your true self. 

Key 5

Keep your promises.   This engenders trust.  Show you care. Find ways to demonstrate that you care by doing something unexpected for the person.

Remember that it is a human need for people to be recognised, appreciated and understood – even if their behaviour tells us the opposite!

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Here are some great questions from some young women during  the international women’s week celebrations in Basingstoke.   Fashion Retail and Business Students from BCOT caputured attention by displaying they important questions.   It was fabulous to get a message across in this creative way but my concern is that it was a silent message.  My passion is to encourage and show women how to speak up and get their voices heard by key decision makers who will influence their career.   It is important for women to get out the habit of  “waiting to be asked”.  Enjoy the photos…

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