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Great respect and congratulations to Gerry Hyde who works with us at Lead at Work.

Amazingly she gave birth to twins , a son and a daughter – without pain relief 3 days ago!  She still was able to call today and encourage us and do what she does do so brilliantly in her calm and unflustered way.   Congratulations to Gerry and Deon and welcome to this wonderful world Tayla and Zane.  Try and get some sleep Gerry.  With love from us all at Lead at Work and In-a Coaching x

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Write down affirmations:

  • I can handle whatever comes my way
  • I will find ways round the barriers
  • I will share with my supporters
  • I will feel the fear and do it anyway

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If your goal is to lose weight and you are tempted by a piece of chocolate, have a pre-planned strategy to resist it, eg

The 5 minute rule:

  • I will wait 5 minutes and read my card with the benefits of being slim
  • I will clean my teeth
  • I will do 5 minutes running on the spot
  • I will visualise being slim right now

Visualise the chocolate being covered with something disgusting!

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Although I believe we can get enormous help by visualising what we want, getting others and the universe to help us, we still need a strong will to make our vision/dream happen.   How many people start the new year with New Year resolutions, only to find after a few weeks, they have yet again failed?

Discipline is a word with negative connotations but I believe this is the key to keeping to a plan.  If we first of all know what we want to achieve and the benefits we will gain, have a passion, plus have a metaphor which we can easily focus in our mind, will and discipline become easier.

Do you know of anyone who has been trying to give up smoking for years and failed?   They then get ill and go to the doctor who says, “If you don’t give up smoking you will be dead in 6 months”.  Suddenly they get a strong will and give up with relative ease.   So, why is this?  I believe it is because they now have a higher goal – to survive.

So, it depends on how important it is for us to achieve our goal.  The stronger the commitment, the easier it will be.  We need to really understand what the benefits are in order to give up our present habits.   After all, we may be operating in our comfort zone and there needs to be something more important to achieve.

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It is a key requirement that you discover what you want.  The more vivid, exciting and passionate we are about what we want the more power we create for getting it.  Candace Pert in her book has scientifically proved that our emotions create positive or negative feelings in our body. 

If we focus our attention on what we don’t want then we create negative emotions in our bodies and will find it very difficult to achieve our dreams.   It is like having a lead weight round your ankle whilst trying to move forward.  Clearly, we need all the help we can get, so the message is, Think Positive.

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