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Professional Wonder WomanAs we move into 2010 why not purchase my home study guide “How to Be a Professional Wonder Woman and Keep your Sanity!”  ISBN 978-0-9563178-0-3

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If you want any further information please do not hesitate to contact me via lynda@leadatwork.com.  I would be delighted to hear from you.

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“Remember no-one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 
Eleanor Roosevelt 1184-1962

When we wake up to appreciating all parts of ourselves and choosing which parts are appropriate to us, then we have choice.  What a fantastic feeling to know that we are in control of what happens to us.  Other people are no longer pulling the strings, determining our happiness, our mood or energy levels.

You can choose whether or not to be affected by other people.  Of course, if they give you happiness, energy and create a lovely atmosphere, then great.  Really value and appreciate these wonderful people. 

Follow this simple exercise to remind you that you can choose your reaction:

  1. Imagine that when people speak to you, there is an empty space in front of you that the words go into.
  2. Imagine that you have armour strapped to you covering your heart, chest and stomach area.  Visualise what this looks like.  What is it made of?  What colour is it?  This armour can prevent the words touching you.
  3. When someone speaks with you, imagine that their words cannot get inside of you unless you want them to.  This gives you choice and control.

If the words are sarcastic or hurtful in some way, then practice not reacting at all.  Not in body language or tone of voice.  Act as if you have not heard the words.  The other person then has no idea how you are reacting to their words.  Silence is very powerful in this situation. 

If you would like more tips and exercises please visit  http://www.leadatwork.com/homestudyguide.html and order your copy of my Home Study Guide – How to Become a Professional Wonder Woman and Keep Your Sanity.

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Close your eyes and relax.  Think about the person. 

  • How big are they? 
  • What colours are they wearing? 
  • What feelings have you got in your body? 
  • Whereabouts are those feelings?

Next – reduce the image down to being small, change the colours, less significant. Put a funny face on the image or make into an animal. 

Are you smiling?  If not, smile.  How are you feeling now?  Keep practicing this.  It really works!

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Do you know that in 2009 the Equal Opportunities Commission has found women graduates are earning 15% less than men within five years of starting work?  Worse than this, the pay gap facing older women is even bigger, with women graduates in their early 50s taking home 44% less than their male counterparts. 

On average, women graduates get 37% less than men, exactly the same as the gap between male and female earnings when the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1970!

I do not believe that employers set out to cheat women or that there is some devious plot against women.  I believe that it was woven into the fabric of business.  It cannot be seen but it is there.  I believe that it is a collective unconscious thought that women do not need to earn the same as men and that men are more equipped to run global corporations.  It takes a long time to change beliefs that have been with us for centuries.  My motto is “Don’t get mad – get justice!”

It is so sad when I hear women saying, “I am not very good at……….”, or “I do not have the confidence to………..”   They have been programmed to believe this untruth by someone else. We all need encouragement.  We need to help women tap into their strengths, not their weakness.   If we say, “We can’t, we can’t”.  If we say, “We can, we can”.

If we wait for others to do something about it, we will all be dead by the time that equality arrives!  It is therefore up to women to take action to achieve what they deserve.   We have a tendency to dismiss money as being secondary and so many women give their time for free.  I often hear women say “It is more important for me to be happy in my work”.  It is as if there is a choice between doing work we like or being paid well. 

This is a limiting belief and lets women off the hook to strive for both.   We know that money alone will not make us happy.   However, a lack of it causes stress and anxiety.  We therefore need to do something about it so that we are financially secure.

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We can strengthen a positive and desired inner state.  Imagine that you are courageous:

  • How are you standing?
  • What are you thinking? 

Inside of you will now flow energies.  Remember that you are creating endorphins by positive thoughts that will naturally assist you.

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I felt compelled today to add this as a Top Tip:   Cut out gossip! 

It not only damages others but it damages your own personal credibility.   When I hear people gossip about others it make me think…  Hmmm what do they say behind my back?

So what is a gossip? It can be when you say something about someone else that you wouldn’t say in front of that person.  Or sharing someone else’s news that isn’t ours to share.   

Your tongue is one of  the most powerful parts of our bodies?!   We need to use it to encourage, nourish and build up rather than hurt, tear down or damage.

I challenge  myself, not  to participate in gossip.  I want to be a trustworthy person someone that people can share their problems, without them worrying that I will go and talk about them to others. If they are hearing me talking about other people, they will not want to trust me. 

Guard your conversations with others, and also have the boldness to speak out when others are engaging in gossip around us.       Proverbs 11 verse 13 “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.”

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I am looking forward to sharing with you my highlights from the Institute of Directors Women as Leaders conference  2009.

A common theme spoken about by the amazing speakers is they all had passion and a clear focus.  They had times when they used adversity to seek new opportunities.  Among them was the CEO of Ann Summers who bought the company for ony £10k when it was in crisis and the most senior woman in the Royal Navy who was in charge of our nuclear weapons.    Watch out for my insights and inspirations that your can use and model in your career.

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