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Summer holidays – fab! A time to connect, recharge and look ahead. I am off to Mallorca tomorrow with my family and with 3 young granddaughters running around there will be much fun and laughter.

Reflecting on this month, it has been very momentous. I gave a preview of the programme to 624 contacts – I didn’t realise that I knew that many people!

Every day since I have enjoyed responding to all the great feedback and encouragement. I was particularly delighted to receive 7 workshop bookings within 24 hours!

Whilst you are planning ahead during your summer break please check out the Autumn Leadership workshops that I am running – www.leadatwork.com/leadership-workshops.html.

One of them will show you how to “Solve your toughest people issues”. Nearly 2 hours each week is spent dealing with conflict in the workplace equating to £24billon per year.

That does not include the time spent during our personal time worrying or thinking about a tricky people issue.

Imagine if you were confident to handle any tough situation that came your way.  How much extra time would you have?  What would you do with your extra time?  Would you be more creative and focused at work?  Would you feel more relaxed at home?  Or even get a stress free sleep!

You are welcome to have my FREE Guide “3 ½ Steps to Handling a Difficult Conversation” Register on my home page www.leadatwork.com and get some straightforward and practical help.

Until then, happy holidays!

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